Green Nitrile Gloves

Green Nitrile Gloves Powder Free. 250 gloves / box


These green gloves are the market-leading protection suitable for demanding pharmaceutical and life science manufacturing environments.

High-quality nitrile material offers perfect protection when and where it’s needed. The synthetic nitrile polymer material is designed to offer a good fit and reliability, with textured finger tips for better grip and excellent waterproofness (0.65 AQL) that carries a low risk of porosity.

The gloves are ambidextrous and incorporate a beaded cuff to increase resistance and facilitate donning, so that the wearer only has to pick them up and use them without fear of material tearing. These nitrile protective gloves have also been found to be antistatic to ensure there is no interruption to specimens or equipment and are latex, silicone and talc free.

These gloves keep hands comfortable and protected, while ensuring that research applications can be carried out without contamination. The gloves have been designated as Category III PPE in accordance with Regulation 2016/425 (EU), are ideal for use in high risk applications and have been approved for use in contact with food. Available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XL.

Compliance guarantee: – Category III PPE in accordance with Regulation 2016/425 (EU), – Protection against chemical splashes EN ISO 374-1: 2016 Type B (JKT), – Resistance to degradation by chemical products EN 374- 4: 2003, – Protection against microorganisms and VIRUSES EN ISO 374-5: 2016 – Design approved for use in contact with food.

Industry leading gloves that offer unmatched protection, cleanliness and quality.
Nitrile manufacturing results in products that are stronger and more efficient than latex gloves, and offer better protection against a wide range of chemicals, including cytotoxic drugs.

Textured fingertips improve grip and tactile sensitivity to make processes safer and more efficient.
They do not contain natural rubber latex, silicone or talc, which reduces the risk of irritation of the wearer’s skin.Product according to CE marks, is regulated by European Directives and it belongs a complete range of premium quality exam glove that combines feel, fit and comfort with enhanced personal protection.
It also meets the international standards such EN 455, EN 420, EN 374 and selected manufacturing partners are minimum ISO:9001/ ISO:14001