Powder-free latex

Powder-free latex gloves. Box/300 gloves


Latex powder-free gloves packed in boxes of 300 units. Each box acts as a dispenser for a comfortable and easy disposition of the gloves it contains.

By not having talcum powder inside, it reduces possible allergic reactions to this material. They have a soft touch and are very easy to put on and adhere the glove to the hand for greater safety with each use.

Natural white color.

Available in small, medium and extra large sizes.

240mm latex glove length

Average weight of the latex glove in a medium size of 5.3 gr.

Product according to CE marks, is regulated by European Directives and it belongs a complete range of premium quality exam glove that combines feel, fit and comfort with enhanced personal protection.

It also meets the international standards such EN 455, EN 420, EN 374 and selected manufacturing partners are minimum ISO:9001/ ISO:14001